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Sports broadcasting and piracy. Crisis and debate.

  • Febrary , 2019
  • Gustavo A. A. Sena
Sports broadcasting and piracy. Crisis and debate.

We would like to share with you an interesting article published by La Nación newspaper in Buenos Aires, about the issues discussed at the Sports Anti-Piracy Summit held in Mexico, where the main executives from leagues and clubs from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, as well as executives from Fox Sports, Televisa and TV Azteca, with the participation of attorneys and executives from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube gave their opinions about how and why increasingly more people prefer to access sport games and events through the Internet and how this affects, in addition to the audiovisual industry, the producers, cameramen and all the workers involved.

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The ongoing debate is interesting since the audiovisual industry and the sport events are suffering a similar crisis to the one that was faced, and is still being faced, by the cinematographic works and the "majors" or the main film studios; or the intellectual works in the music world and their authors, composers and record labels. This crisis, caused by piracy, demands that its protagonists and every responsible person in each sector, as well as government and justice officials, join forces to fight it. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to reexamine the business, the costs involved, the sums to be paid for broadcasting rights and the prices to be charged to the final consumer. With the information of the damages caused by piracy together with reasonable prices, the consumer will have no interest in recurring to a pirate broadcasting.


Gustavo A A Sena

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