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2020, November

New Extension of deadlines

Resolution P-183/2020. A new extension of the suspension of terms ordered on March 19, until November 29, is established.

Decree 876/2020 provides for the resumption of terms in the INPI from next November 30.

The novelty of this new suspension is that, in parallel and through the aforementioned decree, the Government expressly establishes the resumption of the terms as of November 30.

There is no doubt as to the terms constituted by working days, they will continue to run from the 30th or will begin to run in those cases of notified resolutions during the suspension of terms originally decreed in March of this year.

However, it remains to be known in what way the INPI will take the resumption of the terms in cases of consecutive days, months or years. Especially in those cases of deadlines that are set by international treaties which, for our system, have constitutional rank.

As these issues are clarified, we will report them promptly.

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2020, September/October

New Extension of terms

The National Institute of Industrial Property, issued Resolution 142/2020 extending the suspension of the terms from September 23 to October 11, 2020 inclusive.

See the Resolution here.

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2014, September

P-187 Resolution

The Argentinean Patent Office has issued the resolution P-187 in order to continue in the reduction of the backlog that such Patent Office has.

Such resolution states that the Applicant of every patent application filed before January 1, 2013 claiming priority from another patent application must specify whether the priority claimed has been granted or not.

Unfortunately, the resolution P-187 also states that in the absence of a reply from the Applicant regarding the granting or not of the priority application claimed within the time frame specified in such resolution, the Patent Office will consider such lack of reply as a desire to desist the application and the same will be considered abandoned.

Through different means the INPI has been advised that the issuance of this Resolution is contrary to the legal system in force in Argentina. Further, that other similar resolutions issued in the past did not resolve the great backlog that said office currently faces. In spite of this, the INPI has insisted on the issuance of this provision. 

Thus, we consider that it is advisable to file a response to this resolution as required instead of discussing the feasibility of the same. 

A response must be filed by no later than November 27, 2014. 

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Gustavo A A Sena

2014, August

INTA y Lyon´s Business School

Gustavo A. A. Sena, Matías Sena and Santiago Sena recently assisted INTA´s Annual Meeting, that this year was held at Hong Kong, during May. Once the meeting had finished, Santiago participated in a Social Innovation Conference, where he spoke about social innovation in Argentina after the 2001 crisis, at LYON´s Business School, in France. Santiago studied Philosophy and is currently working in his PhD in Management. He is a counsel in IP and works in Estudio Sena & Berton Moreno since the year 2010. In the firm, he assists young entrepreneurs and introduce them into the world of IP.

2014, July

SBM welcomes Mrs. María Fernanda Luna Robion, Attorney.

Within the framework of the agreement entered into by SBM and L´université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), France, we join our staff Mrs. Maria Fernanda Luna Robion, Attorney. 

Fernanda is an Argentinean Lawyer, living in Paris. She is currently completing Master 2 Profesional in the field of Industrial Property in France. 

Prior to the completion of her thesis, she joins our Staff to work on patents and trademarks matters, and to carry out a comparative study on the unfair trade in the Argentinean and French legislation.

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