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Alfredo Sena IP Innovation Point (Pro Bono SBM)

  • November 02, 2013
  • Gustavo A. A. Sena
Alfredo Sena

Our Law Firm, since its origins, and because of its commitment to transcendent values, has been aware of the social responsibility of lawyers towards the community, mainly, as a tool of access to justice for people or entities that cannot afford the costs of lawyers or that are in a vulnerable position.

Convinced as we are of entrepreneurship, both commercial and social, is a key and sustainable tool for the economic development, S&BM stimulates and promotes among its members the pursuance of pro bono work (Latin phrase that means “for the public good”) for economic and social entrepreneurs.

In this context, and as a fair tribute to one of our founders, father of the current partners of the Firm and promoter of the pro bono work, S&BM renders this service through its program called “Alfredo Sena IP Innovation Point”.

Under this program, S&BM provides pro bono services to certain non-profit entities, non-governmental institutions and entrepreneurs with a social, altruist or religious purpose, as well as to other entrepreneurs (“start ups”).

We also channel help to new entrepreneurs that are starting their activities or to microenterprises by offering pro bono hours.

An internal Committee formed by partners and staff from different areas of the Law Firm and off counsels decides the acceptance, scope and duration of the benefit in each case.

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