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SBM Law Firm introduced its CSR program: probono services for national inventors, creators and entrepreneurs.

  • 02 December, 2014
  • Gustavo A. A. Sena
RSE-Pro Bono

Alfredo Sena IP Innovation Point (Pro Bono SBM) is the name of SBM CSR program. A bridge with free-of-charge assistance and counseling for contributing to the development and growth of the creative and innovative potential of the national knowledge.

It is usually SMEs, micro-SMEs, sole proprietor companies or individuals those who generate ideas, create inventions or innovations that shall render benefits to the community. For them, who not always have the economic tools or legal resources to protect their creations, SBM law Firm – Sena & Berton Moreno – is launching its Corporate Social Responsibility program with the name of the founder of the firm in 1937: “Alfredo Sena IP Innovation Point".

“Since our origins, and according to the transcendent values inculcated by our father, our law firm has been aware of the lawyers' social responsibility towards the community and, above all, their importance as a tool to access to justice for people or entities that cannot afford the costs for attorneys or that are in a vulnerable position", said Gustavo A. A. Sena, director of the firm together with his brother Marcelo Sena, both of whom are sons of the founder and creator of the law firm in 1937.
“We are convinced that entrepreneurism, both commercial and social, is a key and sustainable tool for economic development and that is why, in SBM, we encourage our professionals to do probono work (latin phrase that means "for the public welfare") on behalf of economic and social entrepreneurs”, Marcelo Sena added.

The “Alfredo Sena IP Innovation Point" program was thought for fostering SBM probono services to certain non-profits associations, non-governmental institutions and entrepreneurs that have a social, altruistic or religious purpose, as well as to entrepreneurs (“start ups”).

Help for novel entrepreneurs who are starting a business or a microenterprise is also channeled through it by offering probono hours of work.

When applying to this program, an internal committee formed by partners and members of different areas of the Law Firm as well as off counsels will decide about the entering to the program, and the scope and duration of the benefit in each case.


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