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Celebrities and the use of their image and trademark by unauthorized third parties.

  • August, 2020.
  • By Gustavo A. A. Sena
La Battalla de las Marcas y los Nombres de los Famosos


Dr. Gustavo A. A. Sena was invited to engage in a dialog in the program of Guillermo Andino: “Informed into everything”, on the importance of the registration of trademarks and the tendency of some shops to denominate its businesses with referred names to famous people to distinguish them without being authorized to do so. Cases such as ¨Miel Gibson¨; ¨Clean is Good¨; ¨Barber Steisand¨; ¨Catering Zeta Jones¨ among others. The case of ¨Hola Susana¨ was also remembered which had a lot of significance two decades ago. Firstly, there was a dialogue about the importance of a registered trademark, of the entity and the value that it has in the heritage not only of individuals but also of companies. Dr. Gustavo A. A. Sena emphasized the importance of following the registration of a trademark in a neat and legal manner, and the need to exercise the necessary actions for its due defines, in order to avoid its use by unscrupulous third parties who intend to take advantage of its fame and prestige.


2020, Agust.

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