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AAAPI. XXXIII Jornadas de Propiedad Industrial

  • 2019, September

These Thursday, the 29th and Friday, the 30th of August, the Asociación Argentina de Agentes de la Propiedad Industrial is organizing the thirty third edition of its traditional Industrial Property Conference.

Sena & Berton Moreno is attending this conference, represented by its Legal Affairs Director, Gustavo A. A. Sena, its Head of Legal Affairs, Marcelo Saavedra, its Managing Partner, Marcelo Sena, and Victoria and Sara Sena.

During the course of the Conference, held at the Four Season of Buenos Aires, different lectures wre given, such as the ones of “The Protection of Creations Obtained through Artificial Intelligence” or “The Implications of the New Civil and Commercial Code on Internet Search Engines Liabilities”.

As regards the all the above, Dr. Gustavo A. A. Sena stated that: “it is essential that, throught the Association, the professionals in the country may have a meeting point not only for reviewing the new modifications to the daily development of our profession, but also for creating new bonds and networks among all of us who are engaged in IP matters in our country”.

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